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Muhammad Awais Subhani created a group of students of his class 7th (2017) in his school to spread Islam. In the beginning, this group was named Tablighi Jamaat because of the Awais’s love for Tariq Jameel. Later in class 8th (2018), he changed the name to Jamaat-e-Ahle Hadith. This name also changed at the end of class 9th (2019) to Jamaat-e-Ahle Ilm and from class 10th (2020) there call themselves Muslims Only.

Our Mission

To spread true Islam according to Quran and Hadith among the people without sectarian especially at the school level. 

Our Vision

We have chosen to discuss all the controversial issues among the Muslims and with the true references of the Quran and Sahih Hadith he concluded the problems which were hidden by the Islamic Scholars.

Muhammad Awais Subhani

Muhammad Awais Subhani is born on 6 June 2004 in Lahore, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. He is a Pakistani Islamic preacher, and You Tuber, Web designer, graphic designer. Awais was born in the Barelvi family, at the age of 13 he started listening to the statements of different scholars of different sects on YouTube.At the age of 14, he became Ahle Hadith after listening to the statements of Doctor Zakir Naik, Syed Muhammad Faiz, SyedTauseef ur Rahman. He also listens to Tariq Jameel(who is Deobandi). At 14 when he was Ahle Hadith he also listens to Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza but at first, Awais was against him. At the age of 15, he finally accepted that Muhammad Ali Mirza is right and said: نہ میں وہابی نہ میں بابی میں ہوں مسلم علمی کتابی And now he is one of the students of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza.